Lasko Lifestyle is a craft workshop inspired by outdoor life. We are based in Verona, but you can imagine us on the Pacific Ocean shores or in the Dolomites woods. 

We draw our inspiration from the outdoor philosophy and we create products with minimal design: the perfect choice for everyday adventures, whether they happen in the office, on the road, or at the edge of the known world. 

Our creations talk about a lifestyle in which travel is a state of mind, a necessary experience, and a vital force.

Lasko is

Lasko is the joy of awakening, the smell of the first coffee, the radio that plays a song you love. Lasko is a day that is beginning, the promise of unprecedented opportunities, the joy for a new idea. Lasko is for those who love a deep connection with nature, the fullness of solitude, and the pleasure of good company. We believe in the simple connection between nature, curious exploration of the world, and the people. The first products by Lasko, the paracord bracelets, were born from the need to translate this life philosophy and to soak up the travel: an experience to carry with you all the time.

For the free spirits

Lasko Lifestyle adventure started like that, from Alessandra‘s idea, after a very intense time spent in Australia. With the noise of the ocean in her head, the desire to share the outdoor life vibes and to speak the language of free spirits. Handcrafting bracelets with rope is a dance that knots memories: the smells from the journey, unknown flavors, eyes met by chance. The name comes from a sailboat maneuver: “lascare” (to slacken) means to loose the sails, changing the pace.  Lasko is the journey that runs through the maps of the soul: we put our passion into it, our care for every tiny detail, our dedication, authenticity, respect for the environment and the people.

For a long time

Our products are hand made by us, with a careful selection of the most suitable, sturdy and sustainable materials. Our collections grow together with us. They are studied with great attention and some editions are limited: in addition to the bracelets, there are our T-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, mugs, and keychains. We believe in the durability of the things we create because the ability to last over time is a crucial point of sustainability: our products are sturdy, beautiful, functional. They will go along with you on many trips and you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time, carefree.

Lasko is…


I love music, beer, and hanging out with people. Determined, passionate, I’m not afraid of uphill struggles. When in doubt, I always opt for smiles and positivity. I love traveling, hiking in the mountains, silently contemplating nature. I play the guitar but don’t tell people. I enjoy the sound of the waves that break ashore and the smell of woods after the rain.


I love animals, nature, and trees with thick foliage. When I walk, I keep my nose up. I am curious and creative. I don’t like being the center of attention and I only talk when I actually have something to say. I like the sea, but I love the mountains. I am an acute observer and I always prefer the simplest things.