Hi there, we are Lasko!

Lasko Lifestyle is a craft workshop inspired by nature and outdoor life. Our alternative outdoor philosophy goes along with the adventurous travelers, the sportsmen, the city explorers. Our products are handmade in Verona, but belong to oceans, beaches, stars, forests, and mountains. Just like you and us.

Live. Explore. Connect.

We draw our inspiration from the alternative outdoor philosophy and we create products with minimal design: the perfect choice for everyday adventures, whether they happen in the office, on the road, or at the edge of the known world. We want the world to be a beautiful place to be in, where everyone is free to be themselves and to move at their own pace, respecting others and the environment. We believe in the simple connection between nature, curious exploration of the world, and the people.


We like the idea of making you feel the bond with nature, which is beginning, inspiration and shelter.


We respect the environment, the choices people make, and the work of the friends we collaborate with.


We take the time to do things right and we promise you that our products will last for a long time.

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